Friday, May 10, 2013

Dollar Hotdog Power Hour Podcast #14

It's time to turn it around, boys!
Wednesday's loss was a tough one to take. So I brought together Michelle, Kevin and Nick so that we could figure out what went wrong and try to come find as much positives as we could. We took a few more questions which gave us to do something very positive: talk shit about Corey "Douche Canoe" Perry. Listen in for some of the other colorful things Michelle called him. We made some suggestions of what could happen in terms of lineup changes with Abby coming back as well as some tactical changes.

Brian Lashoff should sit, Brendan Smith needs a wake up call, and in my endless amounts of rage with the ineptitude of the NHL Disciplinary Department, I stop just shy of saying I want Jordin Tootoo to kill someone.

Kevin's Blog and Michelle's Blog should be checked out and shared, as usual, and Nick can be found viva un van, circe de un rio. We hope you enjoy it and as always, you should share it will your friends, family and complete strangers. They'll appreciate it.


Editor's Note: We have a fairly low limit for space on our Podbean account, so I may have to delete/archive older podcasts. If for some reason you want to hear past episodes that aren't working normally, let me know and I can somehow get you the original mp3 file.

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