Friday, April 19, 2013

Dollar Hotdog Power Hour Podcast #12

As long as there's hockey, life is good!
After a disappointing loss to Calgary, I'm joined by Kevin and Michelle so that we can have a little group therapy session. It didn't work. We still hate each other.

Today we talk about luck, and I bring up the subject of the killer instinct. We debate what's preventing the Red Wings from getting it back, and the semantics of whether or not the Wings have a Talent Gap. I argue that Niklas Kronwall is a #1 defenseman and Kevin says he's not. We all agree that the smart thing to do was keep the kids instead of trading them, and tell you who should stay and who should go at the end of the season.

Kevin's Blog and Michelle's Blog should be checked out and shared, as usual. We hope you enjoy it and as always, you should share it will your friends, family and complete strangers. They'll appreciate it.

Editor's Note: We have a fairly low limit for space on our Podbean account, so I may have to delete/archive older podcasts. If for some reason you want to hear past episodes that aren't working normally, let me know and I can somehow get you the original mp3 file.

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