Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dollar Hotdog Power Hour Podcast: Episode 7

Now that I've gotten this flu out of the way and am back to form...
ZOMG RED WINGS HOCKEY! Kevin and Michelle are back and we've got actual real Red Wings hockey to talk about. It's been a roller coaster of a season but at least it's Red Wings hockey. We just talk about hockey, we talk about Mrazek, we talk about Franzen and Lashoff and what we like and don't like. It's a good talk

I need to offer an apology to Michelle. There was a chunk of audio of her talking about Mrazek where her microphone was cutting in and out. I did my best to save it with editing but I just couldn't and it had to be removed. I'm sorry Michelle. The Internet can only handle so much Mrazek before it explodes with awesome.

Kevin's Blog and Michelle's Blog should be checked out and shared, as usual.

We hope you enjoy it and as always, you should share it will your friends, family and complete strangers. They'll appreciate it.

Editor's Note: We have a fairly low limit for space on our Podbean account, so I may have to delete/archive older podcasts. If for some reason you want to hear past episodes that aren't working normally, let me know and I can somehow get you the original mp3 file.

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