Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snap Shot Post: An Unexpected Surprise

I went to check the mail and there was a package. I knew some of my family had stuff to mail me, so I figured it was that. Looking at the address label...I don't have any family members named Michelle. This is odd. Traverse City? I don't have any family living in Traverse City.

Actually I'm wrong. I do have family living in Traverse City, and her name is Michelle. She's just not a blood relative. She's part of my Red Wings family. Friend, podcast partner in crime, vicious Todd Bertuzzi defender Michelle

Kind of blurry picture, but it reads: "Please enjoy some Winter Lockout cookies. Don't worry, the Leafs one isn't authentic, so it doesn't taste like bitter disappointment"

Christmas hockey cookies and a Maple Leafs zinger? I really have some great friends and the Red Wings really have the best fans.

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