Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dollar Hot Dog Power Hour: Ep. 2

Once again as a way to distract ourselves, this time from the looming cancellation of the Winter Classic, we decided to record another Dollar Hot Dog Power Hour Podcast. So I sat down with Kevin and Michelle again for fun and shenanigans. This time we invited to join us one of the Three Musketeers of the Red Wings Twitter Community: Nick.

You should absolutely follow them all on Twitter, and check out Kevin and Michelle's blogs. It's good times.

On last night's podcast, we discussed the place of sexy women in hockey, talked a bit more about the Griffins, Nyquist and Mrazek, shared some thoughts on Justin Abdelkader and others, and finished up with some Hot Dog related questions from Josh Howard. Which, by the way, my apologies to Josh Howard for thinking it was the other Josh. I wasn't disappointed that it was Josh Howard, just incorrectly informed.

This pod cast goes from serious and normal to deranged and disturbing very quickly, so... ENJOY!

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