Monday, July 23, 2012

Snap Shot: Nash on the New York Rangers Scares Me

Just a few quick words on why Rick Nash and the New York Rangers scare me. Watching a bit of playoff hockey, the Rangers were insane. They were fast, they were gritty and hard hitting, and they could score goals. Plus, they have a very good goaltender behind them who can stop pucks with his body and with a sly wink and smile.

Rick Nash would have fit well on any team that was already built, whether it's Detroit or New York. What he needs is a team that can put him alongside other highly skilled players so that he doesn't have to carry a team by himself. He's going to get that in New York, but he could have gotten that a lot of places. So why am I scared? Size.

The average size of the New York Rangers' forwards: 6'2 and 211lbs. (rounded). The average size of their defense?  6'0 and 205 lbs. You read that correctly: The New York Rangers' forwards are, on average, bigger than their defense.

Rick Nash is a big guy, who can play a physical game and also sports a finesse, goal scoring touch. He's making a big team bigger and adding the potential to score a lot of goals. If that's not a little terrifying, I don't know what is. They are going to be my oracle bone "it's way too early to make any kind of reasonable assessment" prediction to win the Stanley Cup. I'm going to end up completely wrong on this, but it's scary.

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