Thursday, May 10, 2012

Off-Season Musings #1

My decision to start this blog came at sort of an awkward time. We were coming down the home stretch of the regular season, playoffs started and then ended way too soon. Athletes and sports fans are all superstitious to one degree or another. While I'm not especially so, even when I played, I can't help but sit here and wonder: Did my starting this hockey blog jinx the Red Wings? I mean, I started blogging and they started back sliding. Up until now, nobody has put two and two together, and I'd appreciate it if it stayed that way.

So what's there to do, what's there to follow, what's there to talk about now that the Red Wings are done? Well, free agency signings and trades are still months away. We have to wait for all the guns to fall quiet before any of that can become a reality. I've already talked about the types of players I'd like to see come in and we all know the names that are being thrown around. There's international hockey going on with the World Championship Hockey tournie going on. But I find myself not excited by it, and I think it's for the same reason I can't get excited about college sports: I have no connection to the teams. And I can already hear it: "But what about the U.S. team!? You can't support your country's team, you terrorist!?"

Of course I support my country's team in international competitions; but I just don't feel the need to be all "America! Fuck yeah!" about it. Maybe it's because my favorite sport is one where the U.S. has traditionally not been a powerhouse; so it's taught me to be humble about our chances. Believe me, I know the U.S. can produce world class players. I also know that Russia, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Norway, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, and many others can too. But I love the Red Wings, I love Lidstrom and Zetterberg and Datsyuk and I have a hard time wishing them failure so the U.S can be successful. We have two guys I could give a g'damn about: Howard and Abdelkader. I'd rather root for them to all be victorious together than pit them against each other. It's why I was happy Pav and Jimmy were both on Team Chara - I didn't have to split my allegiances.

I did read something about the tournament that did make me rage. This is from an article on "Valtteri Filppula scored two third-period goals in just over two minutes to seal Finland's 5-2 victory against Switzerland Tuesday..." The hell, man!? You were blanked for goals in 5 games against Nashville, only two assists and a -3 plus/minus rating. In three games for Finland you put up a couple of goals and a +2 rating? And don't sit here and tell me it's because you were playing along side great players. You skated with Henrik Zetterberg and Johan Franzen's boss. And you all were lighting it up. If it's a language barrier thing, I get the feeling that Hank would learn Finnish to help you out. Did you run out of hair gel or eyeliner late in the season? Help us to help you, Val.

J.J. from Kansas over at WIM wrote a beautiful eulogy for the Predators as they were quickly given the business by the Coyotes. A lot of people have, in blogs and on Twitter, made hay about the fact that the Predators use a song by known child pornography fan Gary Glitter to celebrate goals. I would like to respectfully disagree with you guys. You can appreciate certain things that people have produced without endorsing their entire philosophy.What you guys seem to be forgetting is that song, "Rock and Roll Part 2" was played everywhere for years at sporting events. I'm willing to bet you can find footage of it being played at the Joe. Yes, after his 1999 conviction a lot of places stopped using his song; but plenty of places still do, and those places don't endorse pedophilia and child pornography by playing it.

I'm not trying to say or imply that Barry Trotz is a communist.
I'm simply pointing out he looks like Mikhail Gorbechev
And that makes me giggle.
What they are endorsing is crappy, gimmicky, 40 year old glam rock. It's like how the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Union Russia absolutely adored Levi Jeans and American rock music. <allegory>A sad, decrepit, fledgling system that was way over-hyped and eventually collapsed in on its self because it could no longer afford its massive costs, while presided over by a bald headed bulldog looking guy.</allegory> It was way into popular culture that the rest of the world had shed its self of years ago.

So Nashville is desperately trying to catch up to the rest of the sports world. Their stadium, team and fans desperately grasp at any traditions or staples used by more established teams, and in the process they throw live cat fish onto the ice, boo opposing players for not getting hurt, and celebrate to songs by pedophiles. It doesn't make them pedophiles, or mean they endorse child porn. It just makes them a sad and laughable franchise.

Final Thoughts After the Break

Yesterday was the 47th birthday of Oh Captain, My Captain Steve Yzerman. I think it goes without saying that you have to consider him in a discussion of Greatest Red Wings of all time. Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Sid Abel, Terry Sawchuck are obviously all greats, and deserve to be in the discussion as well.

Graham from WIM pointed out that there's really no reason to not have (OCMC) Steve Yzerman's birthday as a holiday. I responded that we should pick a day in-between his birthday and Gordie Howe's. We'll make it a paid holiday for the State of Michigan. Graham, despite living out of state, agreed and titled it "Awesome Day"

Let's make it a reality people! We want Awesome Day for 2013. Gordie Howe was born March 31st. Oh Captain, My Captain Steve Yzerman on May 9th. Let's pick a day in April and make it happen. There's a reason it's called April in the D! And to all of our displaced Red Wings fans out there like Graham and J.J. from Kansas, maybe this can be the call for them to return to our Hockey Mecca. They'll flock home like the Salmon of Capistrano. Post some photoshopped pictures advertising for Awesome Day 2013. Even if we can't make it a paid holiday, we can make it a Red Wing holiday.

Let's Go Red Wings

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