Sunday, April 1, 2012

Operation Eaves: Showing a Downed Wing We Care

Saw this on Facebook and on Winging it in Motown: The unfortunate reality is that we won't be seeing Patrick Eaves again this season. Between the broken jaw and the post-concussion syndrome, he's out. While the Red Wings can brag about having a deep team with lots of players ready to step up and fill a role, one of the things that is special about the Detroit Red Wings and special about our fans is our admiration and support of everyone, from the 1st line to the Grind Line.

Red Wings fans give more support to the guys at the bottom of the depth chart than any other team in professional supports. We love our Datsyuks and our Lidstroms, but we also love our Abdelkaders, our Millers, our Drapers and our Helms. We may be excited for Nyquist or Smith, but we don't turn our backs on Ericsson or Eaves.

And we won't. As long as they're branded with the Winged Wheel, we've got their backs. 

So with that in mind, I encourage and implore all 5 of my readers to please head over to this thread and participate. Part of a successful recovery from any illness or injury is the love and support from the people around you.  Friends, family and fans. Being a part of the Red Wings community makes you all three for Patrick Eaves. 

I know we're all getting ready for game time today, and we're all looking forward to the playoffs. But take a few minutes and brighten Patrick's day. My review of the game today will be written in honor of Eaves, dedicated to the work he's put in for this team and in hopes of seeing him in the lineup next year.

And as always, Let's Go Red Wings!

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