Thursday, April 12, 2012

Operation Eaves: The Product

After a lot of time, effort and kind words, the following was created by Josh Howard @jhowarddesign

Property of Josh Howard, link stolen from The Production Line.
Josh, any relation to Red Wings cherished goal tender Jimmy Howard?
Your words, if you contributed, which if you didn't, your mother and I are very disappointed in you, are on that poster. It will be delivered to Joe Louis Arena tomorrow. For more, head over to this post at The Production Line


  1. No relation that I know of. Perhaps a distant cousin??? Big thanks to everyone who helped. No need to steal, buddy.. just ask. :)

    1. I stole it in the sense of you didn't send it directly to me. In any event it's excellent work and I hope it'll be appreciated as much as Patrick Eaves is.