Monday, April 30, 2012

Operation Eaves: The Culmination

Patrick heard the message loud and clear, my fellow Red Wings fans.
Photo courtesy of whoever took it and put it on Winging it in Motown
I know I didn't necessarily play a huge role in any of this. I'm sure anyone who saw this here saw it on WIM or The Production Line first. I'd like to think that there were maybe a couple of people who contributed because of me cajoling them here or on Twitter. One of my sort of neurotic things in life is to be part of things bigger than myself that matter, because I often times feel insignificant. It's one of the reasons I became a teacher: to positively affect the lives of students because doing something less than that would just be unsatisfyingly insignificant to me.

But I digress. If you don't believe that contributions like this matter...

To the Fans:
“I want to thank everyone who sent a get well card or left a message on this website with such encouraging comments. I appreciate everyone keeping me in your thoughts during this tough year for me. Between the cool poster and all the kind words, I was blown away by the best fans in hockey. The cards and comments brought up my spirits and I just want to thank all of you for your support. I look forward to coming back next season.”  -Patrick Eaves
...P-Eazzie (can that be his nickname now?) said that we lifted his spirits. If you don't believe that, or if that doesn't mean anything to you, well...okay then. But it means something to me that it meant something to him. It means that my love for hockey and the Red Wings isn't based only on my proximity to the team. And that money isn't the only reason they play for us. That we're better than Nashville cuz seriously, who the hell throws cat fish on an hockey rink? That's just stupid. And because we do things like this.

I just have to say one last thing though...because I can't help it. P-Eazzie... what the fuck is up with the hair and the handlebar mustachio dude? I mean seriously. It's's so bad but so awesome at the same time. And everyone, do me a favor, scroll up and look at the picture, look at his face and his hair and that...confusingly sweet mustache.

Now look at this...

Diedrich Bader as Lawrence in "Office Space"
...and you look me in the eye and tell me I'm fuckin' wrong. Better yet, look Diedrich in the face and tell me I'm wrong.

Let's Go Red Wings

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