Monday, April 2, 2012

Kyle Quincey Suspended for One Game

Last night's game included the following hit. I spoke about it in my review, explaining how Kyle Quincey was an idiot for doing it and I want to see him gone for the massive liability he's shown to be. Here's the hit:
Dumb. Just....FFFFFFFUUUUU....

This came 8 seconds after Hudler scored the game tying goal. Which just....*sigh* I .... URG! One moment, I need to go break something.

Five Minutes Later

Alright, I feel better. Anyway, based on what I saw, based on Quincey not being suspended before, and the fact Kopecky came back into the game, I think there should be a 3-5 game suspension. I even predicted that there would be a 3 game. Brendan Shanahan decided it was worthy of supplementary discipline and handed Quincey a one game suspension.

See Shanahan's full explanation here

Shanahan said Quincey "leaped into the air, launching himself, and making significant contact with Kopecky's face". Furthermore, Quincey tries to say he was trying to hit Kopecky back because Kopecky was trying to hit him first. And Brendan Shanahan correctly called Quincey out on his crap for that. Shanny took into account that Quincey was not a repeat offender and Kopecky was able to return to the game. Is it a fair suspension? I actually think Quincey got off light.

I'm obviously pissed at Quincy for the hit. He left his feet, he elbowed Kopecky in the head. It's a pretty cut and dry decision. I blame the refs a lot for the shit they miss, the shit they get wrong. But they got the call right on the ice. And I've been a pretty staunch defender of the Shanahammer's decisions. I agreed with his Brendan Smith suspension, I agreed with him not suspending Zetterberg, and I agree with his suspending Quincey, but think Quincey got off light.  So great job by the officials and the disciplinary office at the NHL. Boo at Kyle Quincey. 

Here's to Ian White being back, and maybe seeing Brendan Smith back. And as always...

Let's Go Red Wings!

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