Friday, March 16, 2012

The First and Introductory Post of 3rd Round Draft Pick

Hi there. If you're reading this, you have gotten in on the ground floor of something that is greatly mediocre. More maybe it's going to be moderately awesome. Obviously, the dream is that my blog will become a major source for information, rumor, speculation, commentary, debate and expression with regards to the greatest professional hockey team ever.

The Detroit Red Wings.

In reality, what is probably going to happen is I'm going to prattle on for awhile, cultivate a small following of people who know me and then this will die. But really, I'm shooting for somewhere in between. 

Who am I?

Well, my name is Mike. I am a Michigan native, born in Lansing, raised in Holt (just outside of Lansing on the south side). I haven't always been a hockey fan. Growing up, I went from baseball to football, even trying out soccer for a year in there. But some of the neighborhood kids used to play street hockey in the street in front of my house. My best friend Jeff had played hockey. As a way to try to hang out with him more, as a way to hopefully to befriend more of the kids in the neighborhood, I strapped on my roller blades, bought a crappy stick, and waddled into the street to join in.

I sucked, but the seeds of hockey love were sown.

I've been blessed, because I got into hockey in the 95/96 season. I started to learn about Scotty Bowman, Mike Vernon, and of course, O Captain, My Captain, the legendary Steve Yzerman.
This is my earliest hockey memory. Watching this happen.

My first Red Wings Jersey was Brendan Shanahan. I loved Keith Primeau. My passion was cultivated to "SAVE, OSGOOD!" 4th Stanley Cups have been secured during my fandom. So yeah, spoiled.

I use the word passion because I would use that to describe my level of emotion. I'm a passionate Red Wings fan. Other people would say I'm an asshole. Some would say I'm biased. I'd say those people are stupid. I hate the refs, I love Kronwalling, and I think Pavel Datsyuk should be banned from the NHL because nobody should be legally allowed to be that much better than everyone ever.

So,every few days, I'm hoping to give my personal take on the games I see, the highs, the lows, and news around the NHL. I'm hoping to get some good discussion going on. I'm hoping to add my perspective to the diarrheic flow of opinions to that thing we call the Internet. I'm not much of a math guy, so statistics are not my thing. My thing is subjective analysis.Also, angry, descriptive, vulgar vitriol about things that I don't like.

What Does "3rd Round Draft Pick" Mean?

I named this blog 3rd Round Draft Pick two reasons. Well...two and a half

#1: It was available.
#2: It is to honor my favorite player for the Detroit Red Wings, our current Captain, Nicklas Lidstrom. While it didn't occur to me at the time, I realized shortly after he was chosen to take over the mantle from O Captain, My Captain Steve Yzerman, that he was the only person who could have. When I started playing defense in hockey, he was the guy I studied and followed. Being a constant, reliable, talented defensive player who doesn't have to hit anyone to defeat them. That's how I wanted to play, and that's how I played.

#2.5: Nicklas Lidstrom is calm, well spoken, with an even temperament who commands the respect of everyone in the NHL. I have never seen the guy lose his cool. I'm not sure if he's able to cuss. And while playing hockey, I was much the same way, in my hockey fandom, I am to the complete opposite.

Alright, enough rambling. The puck drops now.

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